About Debra Barrington and 12th Division

you can check here I am astounded by the creative process. I believe viewing the world through art is an expansion of oneself.

http://arlinc.us/terms_and_conditions I have spent most of my life in the fashion and entertainment industry.  

free dating sites over 50 I was weaned on Vogue, Bazaar, and WWD...I maintain, "It's a serious business, you don't take too seriously". It's the fantasy that intrigues me. Life is full of ups and downs and they do present opportunities, but escape is always helpful in maintaining sanity. I believe, "Art aides the process."  

free online dating sites europe My inspiration? Passion. Many times labeled 'too emotional'...my observation? Most people aren't emotional or aware enough. Miracles happen every day. Being connected to something bigger than myself is humbling and has supplied me with endless intuition and creativity.

I am experiencing a monumental evolution, which includes, reinventing myself.  Being happy, at peace and living life the way it was meant to be lived is all that matters. Writing a new chapter is not in the works. . . I am penning a whole new book.

Laughter is the highlight of my day. I am surrounded by comic geniuses and it truly has helped me face most of life's challenges.

My philosophy about humanity is to live by the highest of morals, standards, and values. . . with that, I have faith the universe will continue to supply a wonderful adventure. It took decades for me to realize that the journey is the destination.

My designs are an expression of the lady, daughter, mother, friend, partner, fellow human being, and a spiritual entity who lies within.


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